I see the glass half full, or, a bit about me and this blog

I’m over it. Or, as I once quipped, I was never under it.

I’m referring to the doom and gloom in the library world. Every day I see articles and blog posts about e-books making books obsolete, or how Google is rendering libraries useless. I prefer to look at things differently. I want to explore how technology and libraries can work together to create a new information world. Working at an information fair at the university in which I am employed, a student and I were discussing the library informatics program we offer. She said, “I hate how everything is so negative…this is an exciting time with all the new technologies available.”

This really got me thinking. But first, a digression.

When I was in college, I was on a figure skating team. At our last national competition, we had a disappointing finish (this was before the judging system overhaul). I was just so happy we skated so well that I didn’t care about the fifth place finish. The rest of my teammates, however, could have done without my positive attitude.

I have called myself optimistic to a fault. Hence, the half full librarian.

My goal for this blog is to focus on the exciting, innovative parts of librarianship. All the while finishing my last year of library school and starting my search for the perfect (read: willing to hire me) job in the land of libraries. Not to mention balancing life as the mother of an exuberant toddler who loves to destroy.

About halffulllibrarian

Librarian. Mother. Runner. Reader. Not much of a blogger, but I try. Natural, unmedicated birth supporter. Hits head on everything. Loves the Cold War Kids.
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