I broke my leg -OR- Where I have been the past few months

I broke my leg.

With the luck I had in 2011, I didn’t merely break my leg. I broke the crap out of it. A spiral fracture up my tibia, and my fibula was severed in two places. If you are thinking ouch! you are right. And all because I was trying to work off those few pounds I gained after my emergency appendectomy. Like I said, 2011 was not good to me.

So, that is where I have been for awhile. Laid up on my couch, neglecting my blog. You would think that with all the time I had, I could have been writing my little behind off. You would be wrong. My pain-pill addled head would work from home for about 5 hours a day, then submit to iPad-induced bliss, in the form of a highly stupid but highly addictive game, Tiny Tower. And Friends reruns start at 4 pm! Heaven.

But it’s a new year! And I’m ready to jump back in, with both feet (literally, although with a bit of a limp). I drove to work for the first time since mid-October today, and it felt GREAT! Everyone around had a case of the post-holiday Mondays, but I was all smiles and enthusiasm for actually returning to some sense of normalcy, whatever that is.

Last year, I did what a lot of library bloggers were doing – a look back on the year in the form of a “what-I-learned-this-year” post. But I have no desire to look back on 2011, I’m ready to bury it deep. So – soon, I will be posting a 2012 resolutions post, or what I want to accomplish in 2012. Here’s a big hint – more blogging is at the top of the list!

I’m back! Yay!


About halffulllibrarian

Librarian. Mother. Runner. Reader. Not much of a blogger, but I try. Natural, unmedicated birth supporter. Hits head on everything. Loves the Cold War Kids.
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One Response to I broke my leg -OR- Where I have been the past few months

  1. Gabe Warner says:

    Welcome back…Normality is the word you are looking for though, not normalcy.

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