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Librarian. Mother. Runner. Reader. Not much of a blogger, but I try. Natural, unmedicated birth supporter. Hits head on everything. Loves the Cold War Kids.

Come on baby, Don’t fear the (librarian)

I was just going to shut down this so-called blog, since I definitely failed at trying to blog once a week. (My last post was in January – ouch!) But something today has made me sad and frightened for today’s … Continue reading

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Focus on the story

I recently saw a public library’s slogan on twitter. It said something to the effect of “Forget Google, come to us!” I totally understand the sentiment they are trying to convey…the thing every librarian feels, pretty much. Librarians are more … Continue reading

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2012 Resolutions

As promised, I’m looking forward into 2012. My 2011 had many ups and downs, and now that I’m back on my feet (see previous post), I’m ready to immerse myself in the library world again. Without further ado, I bring … Continue reading

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I broke my leg -OR- Where I have been the past few months

I broke my leg. With the luck I had in 2011, I didn’t merely break my leg. I broke the crap out of it. A spiral fracture up my tibia, and my fibula was severed in two places. If you … Continue reading

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Children: The saviors of printed books!

Today, I ran across a link on twitter to an article from The Atlantic: Will Children Save Printed Books? The upshot of the article (more of a blurb, really) is that kids will continue to read print rather than e-books … Continue reading

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The Censor’s Library

“Kids are living stories every day that we wouldn’t let them read.” –Josh Westbrook I am reminded of this quote due to the recent back-to-school book banning articles that have cropped up everywhere recently, it seems. Even my local rag … Continue reading

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Reflections on attaining an online MLS

Two and a half years ago, I began my journey toward my Master of Science in Library Science degree. With no library experience under my belt, I was a bit nervous, but I was sure that this was the right … Continue reading

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